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Archaeopteryx: Fussstart (Foot launch) (by ruppertcomposite)

Flash mob in the Copenhagen Metro. Copenhagen Phil playing Peer Gynt. (by CPHPHIL)

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Charlie And The Seal! (by rte)


Caterpillar 319D LN excavator climbs onto a rail car to unload crushed rock… and I don’t think either the kid or I would have believed it if we hadn’t watched it!

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The Beauty Of a Second - 3rd round compilation (Instant Bliss)

“Instant Bliss - 60 seconds of beauty submitted by users to the third round of The Beauty of a Second short film contest. The competition is now over, but you can still explore the submitted seconds and playlists at Thank you to all the participants for making this a truly amazing competition. Follow Montblanc on facebook for more compilations, updates and the announcement of the winners: Montblanc and Leo Burnett Milan pay homage to the chronograph — which recorded time to the accuracy of a fifth of a second — with a short film challenge. The Beauty of a Second is a contest curated by Wim Wenders which asks users to demonstrate beauty in a second of film. The winners will meet Wenders and win a Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec chronograph. Every Second Counts!


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The canals of Amsterdam have completely frozen solid for the first time in 15 years, turning the city into one huge skating rink for all to enjoy.

And one more video for a taste of the sounds on the streets icy canals.

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Kinfolk Mag was harvesting honey and it looks amazing.

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Deadliest Catch (by mr andre)


This clip includes rarely-heard underwater sounds of seals swimming below the ice in Antarctica. From Werner Herzog’s 2007 documentary, Encounters at the End of the World.

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I Believe I can Fly (flight of the frenchies). Free segment

by Sebastien Montaz-Rosset.

More film inspiration.

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