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Ornament Cards from Finnish animated series Moomin, from Tokyo Life. Assembly required.




Heart strings (tendons) inside the human heart.

In biology we dissected a heart and our teacher told us that the heart strings can sometimes break after a deep emotional trauma causing the heart to lose form an as a result be unable to pump blood effectively, you can literally die from a broken heart

I wonder if my heart tendons are affected by my hypermobility syndrome o.O
(via Not What the Designer Intended: My Dark Plans for Nendo’s Rootote Bag)
(via "Drops" lamp/ Лампа "Капли" on Industrial Design Served)
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(via Relation Collection by Hiroomi Tahara)
(via Lightworks Disc Lamp by Jonas Wagell)
(via MOCO MR: Terra Firma Watches by Gary Fidele)
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Marble Lights by studio vit

Photos: Annabel Elston

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(via HIC*: David Closes | Intervención en la Iglesia del Convento de Sant Francesc, Santpedor)